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Just 16km north of Melbourne’s CBD, Greensborough allows you to feel like you’re far enough away from the city, but is still within easy commute to the city.

One of the main attractions in Greensborough is the newly built ‘WaterMarc’ aquatic and leisure centre, including an indoor swimming pool with a water play area and also a gym upstairs.  With around 200 shops situated within Greensborough Plaza, including a Hoyts Cinema, it is the main focal point for retail shopping and is sure to provide you with everything you desire.

The main street of Greensborough holds a diverse mix of restaurants and bars including Eos Greek Tavern, Oriental Jade Chinese Restaurant and the Greensborough RSL just to name a few, providing you with a variety of flavours with different food styles from around the world.

The schools situated within Greensborough include Greensborough College, Greensborough Primary, St Marys Primary, Apollo Parkways Primary and also Green Hills Pre-School.

Greensbrough is well serviced by public transport, including buses and a train station located in close proximity to the main street of Greensborough.

With many homes suited for all types of family sizes, the properties in Greensborough are placed on a variety of allotment sizes ranging from older houses ready for renovation to brand new homes awaiting your arrival.
With all your lifestyle needs met here, Greensborough is the perfect place to be!

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