Sell with Confidence
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Selling Tips

Always keep your home clean and tidy.
Your windows, floors, tiles, bathtubs and showers should sparkle, your heating and air conditioning filters should be cleaned, dirty carpets should be shampooed or steam cleaned, dripping faucets and oil squeaky doors should be repaired and your home should be kept neat, clean and tidy at all times.  Also, consider how your home smells to other people, you may be used to the smell of a pet or cigarettes, but such odors can be a strong turn-off to potential buyers.  Ensure storage areas are tidy as well, and remove materials that may be of offense to others.

Creating a Vision
The buyers need to be able to visualise themselves living in your space, too much clutter can be distraction that can make it harder for them to achieve that vision.  If you have too much furniture consider putting some in storage.  If you haven’t got enough furniture try renting some.  If you need some ideas visit a show home to see the levels of furnishings and decoration that is not too distracting.

Define Living Spaces
Having a living room / office / dining room / storage locker can be a negative to buyers, not having an obvious purpose for a room makes it look less useful.  Rearrange furniture to create focus areas inside a larger room, define the spaces through a good layout.

Power of Paint
Painting is an inexpensive and easy way to give a room a makeover.  You can paint a room in less than a day.  If a room needs a fresh coat of paint, use a neutral off-white.  Provide a blank canvas for them to create vision.  Light colours make the rooms seem larger, and airier.  A fresh coat of paint also looks cleaner.

Be certain to remove valuables such as jewelry and other items from view.  It might be wise to put these items in a safe deposit box before showing your home.

Setting the Mood
On open house days give your house a homey and welcoming feeling.